Heather Millbach


Heather Millbach was born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut and graduated from Ledyard High School in 1994.  As a young woman Heather competed at the world-class level in freestyle roller-skating, earning numerous accolades along the way and placing sixth in the US in 1993. Her training included daily drives to Rhode Island and annual trips to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado. While attending the University of Connecticut, with aspirations of becoming a teacher, Heather met her future husband. The two married in 1998 and the first of their five children was born in 1999.

 In the summer of 2008, Heather’s fifth child born. She weighed over 200 pounds and felt worse then she ever had.  It was then that she made the commitment to return back to the healthy, active lifestyle she had once known.  She began attending weight watchers meetings and running four to five times per week.  Slowly the pounds came off, about one per week for the next year.

In 2009, Heather ran her first 5K. Within a years time it became a regular occurrence to find her running the streets and bringing home awards from local races.  That same year she discovered her love for Muay Thai and began taking classes three to five times per week.  It was here she first met Kara and Damien.

Damien was also a student at the school and it become quite common for the two to partner together during class. Drawn together by their extreme intensity, and competitive nature, the two hit fitness levels never experienced before. After catching one particular class, Kara decided she wanted in on the fun. The three put together their own training program that included Muay Thai, SAQ (speed, agility, quickness), and intense weight training.

In 2010, Heather began experimenting with a vegetarian diet. By that fall, she dropped all animal products and went completely vegan. Since then Heather’s recipe posts on Facebook (all of which are now available here) have garnered a great deal of attention.  Many like to hear about her creativity in the kitchen, the challenges of serving healthy food to children, and her experiences as a mother of, what Damien describes as, a small village.

Heather is also a licensed massage therapist.

 Heather Millbach lives with her husband and five children in Connecticut.


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