About Laws On Wellness

Welcome! Thank you so much for coming to visit. Laws On Wellness is a destination for you and anyone else looking for guidance on their path to a healthy lifestyle and overall wellness.

Since April of 2011 the three of us have studied and practiced a plant-based vegan lifestyle. Through the ups and downs and various lessons we’ve learned we attempted to pass those on to the ones around us. This website is our channel to you. While you’ll find posts dealing with the challenges of eating healthy with a big family or the struggle of sustaining a vegan lifestyle on the road, what you’ll find most are fantastic vegan recipes.

Every recipe on this page we made ourselves. Some we created from scratch, some were inspired by others, but each recipe has a little bit of Laws On Wellness in it. We attempt to give credit to the various websites and books we’ve come across during our journey.

The difference we’ve felt in our bodies since 2011 has been phenomenal. Whether it’s our recovery from training sessions or our quality of sleep, our life has greatly improved since making the change to a plant-based lifestyle.

Through these posts, the three of us will share with you our training, our diet, our recipes, our triumphs, our challenges, and offer you a simple guide that you can use to achieve a greater level of health and wellness.
By no means are we attempting to push our vegan lifestyle on you. What we are trying to do is show you how we live in hopes you can incorporate some of these pieces into your way of living. If you decide that’s adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet, fantastic! There can be challenges and consulting a doctor if you decide to make the switch is always a smart idea.

We’ll also attempt to shatter the misconception that a vegan diet is lettuce for breakfast, lettuce for lunch, lettuce for dinner and water in between. The food we eat each day is absolutely delicious.
If there’s anything we can do to help you in your journey feel free to ask. Whether it’s about training, cooking, eating on the road, dietary supplements, or whatever, we’d love to hear from you. You can post questions here or you can email us directly at lawsonwellness@me.com.

Check out the bio pages on Heather, Kara, and Damien to find out more about us. Check back daily and enjoy your journey into wellness.

6 thoughts on “About Laws On Wellness

  1. My husband and I went vegan a year and a half ago, and it’s the best decision we ever made. I’m always excited to meet others on this path. Just discovered your blog, and I love it!! Celeste :)

  2. Kara, I just learned of your blog. I want to change my diet with hopes of improving ongoing health problems (inflammed fascia, extreme fatigue). I look forward to learning from you. (PS: WSHS girls play for the district championship tonight.) Miss you. Hugs, Jane Phillips

  3. My husband has severe cardiovascular disease. Last week, his cardiologist highly suggested a totally plant based diet, no dairy, no nuts and no oils of any kind. (The hubby is 43 and has 4 stents and 5 bypasses. The arteries leading to his heart are extremely small compared to the average man so ANY fats of any kind are dangerous for him) I practically cried when I found your site! There are so many recipes for our family. All 7 of us are following the plan, after all, the kids have their fathers genes. Keep up the great work!

    • We hope you find it helpful. Be careful – lots of our recipes, even the healthiest ones, have nuts in them. Chia seeds may be a good source for your husband to get his healthy fats. I’m certain with a plant-based diet, your husband, and family, can live long healthy lives. Good luck with the change. We wish you and your husband the best of health and happiness. If there’s anything we can do to help or any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to email us – lawsonwellness@me.com

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