Quinoa Crusted Polenta and Potato

Quinoa Crusted Polenta with Potato:


  • cup cooked Quinoa (I used red and black quinoa)
  • 1 tube Polenta
  • 2 Baked and sliced Sweet potatoes
  • Olive oil spray
  • Safflower oil for cooking Polenta
  • Salad ingredients, Baby spinach, cucumbers, tomoto

Prepare salad and set aside.

Cook quinoa according to package directions. Spread Quinoa out on a baking sheet to dry and cool. To speed this up, put baking sheet into refrigerator for 5-10  mins.

Heat safflower oil on low heat on stove top.

Cut polenta into rounds. Spray lightly with olive oil spray and coat both sides in cooled and dried polenta and place in heated pan. Cook until brown and crisp. Remove from pan and and let cool on a paper-towel lined plate.

Have baked sweet potatoes cut and ready.

Arrange salad in the center of plate and put polenta and potato in a circle surrounding salad. Serve with favorite dressing.

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