The Vegan In Season IV – Back to Indiana

By Kara Lawson

Indianapolis Road Trip (June 20th- June 22nd)

Two trips to Indy in less than two weeks, the WNBA schedule is strange at times.  We are almost halfway through the season and have played some teams three times and some teams we haven’t even faced yet.  From the food standpoint, I don’t mind quick trips in succession to the same city because I have my “routine” down already.

We practiced upon arrival in Indy, so I decided to set out on foot from the arena and pick up dinner to take back to my room. Since Indy has a very walkable downtown area, with a ton of restaurants, I searched some of their menus to see what options were available. A lot of the common chains you find in most cities are in downtown Indy.  From PF Chang’s to McCormick & Schmick’s to Buca di Beppo, there are a ton of options. I settled on California Pizza Kitchen. Online they have a menu that shows you which items are acceptable for your dietary restrictions.

CPK Nutrition Info for Vegans and Vegetarians

I was in the mood for some pizza so I went with the Vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant. It was a thin crust pizza with marinara sauce, eggplant, baby broccoli, mushrooms. I asked them to take off the red onions and sundried tomatoes because I’m not a huge fan of either of those veggies.  I also asked for no corn, since most corn is GMO (genetically modified organisms). Damien and I try to avoid eating corn if at all possible.


I felt like I needed some more on my pizza so I asked for spinach (you can never go wrong with green veggies) and of course avocado (my favorite).  I thought the pizza was great.  My goal is to have a few “chain” restaurants that I can frequent to get a decent meal.  The family/friends/colleagues I share meals with on the road don’t always want to go to vegan only places so it’s good if I add some flexibility to still be able to hang out with them over dinner.

My game-day routine was almost identical to my last visit here.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Vegan In Season – Indiana

Unfortunately, the outcome of our game this trip was not identical to the last.  It was our worst loss of the season.  We fell to 9-3 on the year with some big road trips looming in July.  We need a strong finish before the break.  Time to get some rest and practice in. Oh… and some really healthy food.

3 thoughts on “The Vegan In Season IV – Back to Indiana

  1. Damien and Heather are so supportive in my journey on my Pure Lean (vegan) weight loss program.
    I have been religious so far…no slips…the weight is coming off slowly which the Dr. supervised plan wants me to do…you’ll see me wasting away in Sec 16 row C (directly behind the visitors) LOL(STH 10 years) No carbs(good or bad)…yet(sigh)…I miss really only ‘fruit’. Keep eating Heather’s cookies…we will take down Sveta,Sue and Tina Sunday!!! Love you guys!!!

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