Apple Cupcakes!

This idea was originally from Martha Stewart and has been redone by several sites with different toppings. Here is my version…super easy, with a sugar-free recipe for almond butter frosting that had my little people asking for “More, please!”


5 apples

1/2 C all natural organic almond butter

2 T agave

2 T almond milk

unsweetened shredded coconut

chopped nuts (I used raw walnuts)

small plastic bag


Slice 1/4 top of apple off. Core the apples using a coring tool or leave core in place.

Mix almond butter, agave, and almond milk together in a small bowl until you have a smooth, creamy frosting.

Frost top of apple “cupcakes” with frosting. Place 2 T of frosting into a small plastic bag, cut the corner of the bag off and pipe frosting around the edge. Sprinkle with coconut and nuts.

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